Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eva Longoria chooses Victoria Beckham


Eva Longoria is one of the most fierce fashion fans signed Victoria Beckham, the beautiful wife of David Beckham now has a well-established career and many famous customers who wear clothes in the most important occasions, and not only! Victoria has a sleek and chic, but also simple and minimal, reminds me a bit of a mix of Hermes handbags and Chanel bags, Hermes and the austerity that side frou frou of Chanel, is something new which evidently lacked much to celebrities.

Victoria Beckham now does not stop anyone, her clothing line is beloved by all women, his suit and his clothes have dressed the supermodels more beautiful, the most famous actresses and still star as unconventional as America Ferrera and Oprah Winfrey who are not of models made with the stencil to understand, but they are much closer to us normal women. Yet the mise of Victoria are doing well at all, she had said but nobody believed us …

A woman who can not live without the clothes of Victoria Beckham is definitely Eva Longoria, desperate housewife loves the beautiful style of Vic and wears very often his creations, we see it today with a very elegant full of autumn-winter 2011 2012.

Eva wears a gray fabric longuette skirt paired with a jumper to wallets, on the catwalk parades with tie, Eva instead takes him type poncho, I much prefer the catwalk, and you?

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